What Causes An Itchy Throat & Ears

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Have you ever had an itchy throat or itchy ears, and there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it? It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it’s not the most comfortable feeling either. Some of you might be able to recognize it as the beginning of allergies making their presence known. It might even be a cold starting to settle in. Unfortunately, in some cases, it might mean something a little more serious. Here are a few reasons why your ears and throat are uncommonly itchy.

  • Ear Infection: Ear infections happen when there’s either a buildup of ear wax or water in the ear. Usually, it doesn’t have the ability to drain because of allergies or other reasons. It can also be caused by bacteria and viruses that can accompany the common cold, allergies, or other ailments. It can be a recurring issue, especially if your allergies are severe. If you get chronic ear infections, your ENT specialist will be able to figure out the underlying issue.
man massaging his throat
  • Dry Ears: While excessive ear wax is bad, not having enough can also be an issue. Naturally, your ears create ear wax and oils to help keep them healthy and clean. Not producing enough will cause your ears to become very itchy and the skin can start flaking around the outside of the ear. Usually, paying closer attention to your ears as you wash up should help, but if it persists your ENT can advise a treatment.
  • Food Allergies: Food allergies can be a little tricky. Commonly mild food allergies affect the throat, but they can also cause itchy ears and the mouth as well. Allergies might develop over time. For example, you could have loved peaches growing up, but because your body changes as you get older, you might now develop an allergy to them. More serious allergies can be life-threatening and need immediate attention.
  • Medication Allergies: Similar to food allergies, you might have or develop an allergic reaction to certain medications. They can cause an itchy, throat, ears, and mouth, hives, a rash, to more serious reactions. If this happens, you have to contact your doctor to get an alternative to the medication.
  • Bacterial & Viral Infections: Several bacterial and viral infections start out as causing an itch in your throat which could develop into a sore throat. It’s similar to your ears as well. It could develop into something more serious like an ear infection, strep throat, or tonsillitis depending on where the issue is. You’ll need to contact your doctor for the appropriate treatment.

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