Fall Allergies to Look Out For

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It’s that time of year when everyone is stocking up on the tissues, vapor rubs, blankets, and allergy medicine. While allergies can spring up all year round, they are at their worst in the fall. Very few people can get away from having the sniffles at least once during the season. But, what exactly causes these allergies to flare up? Find out more about what could be tickling your nose, or causing a scratchy throat.

Here are some allergens that are the culprits:

  • Mold – It’s known for growing in dark, damp places, but did you know it can grow on damp leaves too? All those leaves on the ground that get stuck in the rain, or just the morning dew, don’t have a chance to dry out completely. This is where the mold grows. Because you’re walking in it it can get stuck on your shoes and be tracked into the house. The best option is to keep any leaves out of the house and thoroughly wipe your feet before entering.
autumn leaves
  • Dust Mites – You’re going to be turning on your furnace sooner than you think, and that means all the dust that settled over the warmer months can be polluted back into the air you breathe. These and air filters are great homes for dust mites, especially if it’s turned on without being properly cleaned. Those dust mites will circulate themself in the air causing havoc on allergies. The best option is to have the furnace and the air filters serviced and replaced if needed.

dirty air filter
  • Ragweed Pollen – This is pollen is in season to wreak havoc longer than just the fall months. It will start blooming in late summer and continue until it starts cooling off, which could be September or October. So unfortunately if you’re allergic to ragweed then you’re going to be sneezing and sniffling for a few months.
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How do you relieve those irritating allergy symptoms?

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  • Stay indoors during the late morning to midday when the pollen is at its peak.
dirty car windshield with pollen written in it
  • Look for the pollen count for the day. If the pollen is high that day don’t plan on doing a hike because it might be miserable with allergies.
woman vacuum cleaning
  • Vacuum often to keep the carpet clean from any allergens. An air filter can help get any pollen or other allergens out of the air.
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  • A daily dose of allergy medicine can be taken to help decrease any symptoms allergies my present.